Atacama Gallery Generator

Atacama is a freeware application for generating web photo galleries. It is written and designed by Ramón Kristian Arellano. Atacama is a Java application, and as such will require a fairly new version (>1.4.1) of the Java Runtime Environment from Sun. Currently Atacama will only run on Windows platforms due to use of OS specific resources.

The application creates W3C compliant XHTML galleries for any media file that can be displayed in a browser. By default the application is set up look for files with the extensions 'JPG', 'GIF', 'MPG', 'SWF and 'WMV', but others may be added, including sound files.

Atacama also has functionality for syncronizing with flickr. Any album with a name that doesn't exist in flickr will be uploaded with photo and album descriptions included.

The application is mainly GUI driven, but to modify the default HTML templates or the target directory structures, you will need a separate text or HTML editor. It does require some knowledge of HTML and CSS to redesign the resulting web galleries.

Best regards,
Ramón Kristian Arellano

Download Windows installer file (1.8MB)

See screenshot
See example of a gallery generated by Atacama
See JavaDOC
Download source (7.5 MB)
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